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Nintendo Earnings Release For Nine Months Ended December 2018

Nintendo has published its third quarter sales results and financially things are looking great! For the first three quarters of the year, net sales came in at about $9.17 billion (up 16.4% year-over-year). Operating profit was $2.02 billion (up 40.6% over last year), and ordinary profit was $2.21 billion (up 23.5%).

The real star of the show is the Switch software results. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now the fastest selling Nintendo game of all time with over 12 million sold in just 3 weeks on the market. We have a full breakdown on the million-plus sellers here. It should be noted that Nintendo originally forecast about 100 million pieces of software would be sold for the Switch for the entire fiscal year. They have now revised their forecast to 110 million thanks to the amazing performances of its lineup of games. Below are the financial statements!


Nintendo Earnings Release 12-31-18


Nintendo Consolidated Financial Highlights 12-31-18


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