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It’s no secret that the zombie survival genre has become oversaturated these past few years. Everyone wants to tackle this apocalyptic sector and as a result it’s difficult to tell them apart, as they all just seem to mesh together. #Killallzombies attempts to mitigate that problem with an isometric view of the action. While the title of the game is a product of its time (hash tag and all), there are some unique concepts here that help separate it from the pack. The question is: does it truly break away from the thousands of copycats out there, and if so, is it any good?



Probably the most unique aspect of #Killallzombies is its lack of environments. Usually zombie games take place in deserted towns or run-down malls. Here the game is played in an almost virtual reality like setting where you are running around on a bunch of hexagons. At first this might appear to be a lazy way to get around creating detailed graphics, but after playing a few minutes it becomes clear that this type of world creation works rather well in a game like this. That’s because the world is always changing, whether it’s the ground moving to create walls or pits or objects (like a grand piano) raining from the sky. It’s a pretty novel idea and definitely makes for a unique experience.

The goal of the game is to fend off hordes of zombies flooding onto the grid. You have a variety of weapons that unlock the longer you survive, and plenty of unexpected objects that rain down from above that can assist in your survival of the zombie horde. You can level up after killing enough zombies, which will give you access to one of four random bonuses. These range from faster reload times, to morphing into a giant monster, to just killing yourself and ending the game. The bonuses can either help or hinder you, so hopefully you won’t be dealt a horrible hand!



The game has three modes to choose from: Survival, Vault Defense, and Co-Op. Survival mode is where you try to survive through as many zombie hordes as you can, with co-op mode being the same just with two players. Vault Defense is more of a tower defense mode. Your goal is to protect a tower in the center of the map, and killing zombies will earn you points, which you can use to build turrets and strengthen your weapons. While the game could have used more game modes, each one does have enough surprise elements to them to hold most gamers’ attention for at least a few hours.

One of the best aspects about this game is its sense of humor. So many games in this genre take themselves way too seriously, but here you get all sorts of silly random perks, which are bound to put a smile on your face. You can even expect to see a Walnut from the Plants VS Zombies games make an appearance on the grid. Wacky items will drop from the sky and you just never quite know what to expect as you play through the game. If it weren’t for the silly nature it wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining.



Thankfully the game doesn’t have too many flaws. It checks all the right boxes with fine play controls, decent music, and an adequate number of modes to keep most people busy for a decent length of time. Difficulty spikes are an issue, however, especially when it comes to some of the boss creatures. At one point in Survival I came to a huge boss that was near impossible to defeat because he has an insanely powerful area of attack that can wipe you out instantly. These types of encounters are unfair and not at all fun. This one factor alone could ruin the game for some players, but I found enough here to enjoy my time with the game.



#Killallzombies Review
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#Killallzombies is a fresh take on the Zombie survival genre. The fun twin-stick gameplay mixed with the random quirky style makes for a memorable experience. However, difficulty spikes and a lack of game modes hold it back from being a truly great game.


Jordan Brewer

Jordan is a gaming fanatic who grew up in a home of shovelware. Years of discounted drivel has molded this man, shaping him into the seeker of quality he is today.

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