Scrap Rush!! Hits Switch This Year

Coming later this summer to the Nintendo Switch is Scrap Rush!! This one takes the classic Bomberman concept and changes up some gameplay mechanics to make it unique. We’re following this one closely and will hopefully have a review closer to launch!




PQube and Aquire are excited to announce that the maze-based arcade game SCRAP RUSH!! will release for Nintendo Switch and PC/Steam in Europe and North America! After trending in the Japanese eShop last month, the colourful multiplayer mayhem for up to four players is set to challenge friendships in the west this summer.

SCRAP RUSH!! puts you and your friends into an arena full of metal blocks that might remind you of classics like Bomberman. Instead of bombs, you collect scrap, turn it into blocks, launch them in straight lines to crush your opponents between them and the wall to grab their scrap while dodging other players’ attacks! Depending on the game mode, last robot standing or the one with the most scrap wins.


Craig Majaski

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