Dragon Quest Walk Takes On Pokémon Go On Mobile

I guess we really shouldn’t be too surprised to see Square Enix hop on the Pokémon Go bandwagon with its own take. Dragon Quest Walk is coming this year to iOS and Android devices in Japan. It utilizes augmented reality and GPS to allow players to battle monsters from the world of Dragon Quest. The game looks to be quite involved and is incorporating real world landmarks in Japan into the game.

According to John Ricciardi of 8-4, you’ll even be able to mark your own home on the map and upgrade and decorate it similar to what was found in Dragon Quest X (which never came stateside). Apparently you will then get bonuses for going outside and walking around and then come back to level up your house! Sounds pretty cool.

Unfortunately there’s no word on if or when Dragon Quest Walk is coming to the U.S. The series has a somewhat spotty track record of releasing every title outside of Japan, but here’s hoping!



Craig Majaski

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