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NES Switch Online Games Revealed For June 2019


Three new (old?) NES games have been announced for the Nintendo Switch Online service. On June 12, 2019 subscribers will be able to play City Connection, Double Dragon II: The Revenge, and Volleyball. Remember that the two player games can be played online with a friend!




On June 12, classics DOUBLE DRAGON II: THE REVENGE, Volleyball, and City Connection join dozens of other NES games as part of the Nintendo Entertainment System™ – Nintendo Switch Online collection.


Billy and Jimmy Lee, the Double Dragons, are back to avenge the loss of Marian. In their quest to defeat the evil Shadow Warriors, Billy and Jimmy must complete nine missions, facing deadly street gangs, ninjas, and huge mutant fighters. The duo must traverse through construction sites, alleyways, and underwater hideouts complete with secret elevator shafts, spiked ceilings, and razor-sharp mechanical claws. Can Billy and Jimmy contend with the enemies placed before them and ultimately save the world?


Enjoy a game of volleyball as you spike for a point, slam a perfect serve, and make a save that wins the game for your team. It’s all up to you because you call the shots in Nintendo Volleyball! As captain, you’ll lead your team through a fast-paced warm-up round, and then quickly move into the heat of real volleyball competition, using the sport’s official rules from when this game was originally released: When serving, you earn a point for winning a rally. The first team to 15 points wins the set, and the first team to win three sets takes the match! If the ball hits the net on a serve, though, service switches to the opposing team. Use the B Button to direct your team to block and return, feint and spike—and volley your way to victory!

City Connection

After breaking into an exclusive paint store in New York City, you’re on the run from the cops! Carrying leaky 10-gallon cans of paint, drive over every mile of New York City highways before catching a boat to England. From there, you will go on a tour of the world, avoiding the police and leaking paint everywhere you go. Your only defense: picking up oil cans left on the highway and throwing them at police cars. Send the police for a spin and knock them off the road to make your getaway! For more information about Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online, visit:


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