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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Scares Up The Switch Later This Year

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is still on track for release this year, despite no release date announcement. Given the extremely packed September from Nintendo, we think October makes the most sense, but until they make it official we’ll just have to speculate.

This time around Luigi has all sorts of new moves. The series has never looked better and there are all sorts of crazy things that happen inside this haunted hotel. We’re happy to see the return of Gooigi – a spectral version of Luigi – make his return for some awesome 2 player co-op support! You can even go head to head in some versus modes in the Scarescraper, which supports up to 8 players! This one looks fantastic is now one of my most anticipated titles for the Switch. Check out the new trailer and details below!






Craig Majaski

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