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Special Hori Daemon X Machina Joy-Cons Are Massive

[Updated: 6/13/19]:

Well, look at that! These ARE coming out over here. Amazon has begun taking pre-orders on them right now for $49.99. Nice!


[Original Article]:

Before the Nintendo Switch launched we saw a ton of mockups of unique Joy-Con controllers. Why it has taken a company so long to come up with a different design is beyond us, but Hori has finally taken up the mantle and is releasing some beefy Joy-Con controllers in Japan to coincide with Daemon X Machina‘s release.

They will run about 4780 yen ($44) and lack a bunch of features, such as HD Rumble, NFC, gyro and infrared sensors. No internal batteries means they can only be used while attached to the Nintendo Switch in portable mode.

Still, there’s a traditional d-pad and turbo buttons to make up for lost features. Plus it’s probably a heck of a lot more comfortable for long play sessions. The X button is even fashioned after the logo from Daemon X Machina.

No word on if this would come out in other territories. It certainly looks cool though!



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