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New Nyko Dualies & Wireless Pro Controllers On The Way

If there’s one thing that Nintendo’s systems always seem to have in spades, it’s a plethora of accessories. While we haven’t quite reached the insanity of the Wii days, where households were filled up with any manner of plastic add-ons for Wii Remotes, the Switch has its fair share of extras – from racing wheels to tennis rackets and everything in between.

If anything there has been somewhat of a shortage of alternatives when it comes to wireless controllers for the Switch. Sure, there are plenty of wired options, but now Nyko is bringing out some cheaper wireless controllers. Why spend $70 on an official Nintendo Pro Controller when you can get one for $30? Obviously there are some options missing, but there’s a very real market (especially younger kids) that can’t afford the premium prices that Nintendo charges.

The Nyko Dualies look kind of cool. You get a pair of Joy-Con controllers for $40 and they will come in a variety of colors. The black ones are available already for $50, but if you can wait until September 17, 2019 you can grab some other colors for cheaper. They even come with their own USB-C charging cable and have a built-in turbo toggle! Rumble is included as is motion, but you won’t have NFC availability for amiibo or IR support for Labo. These look bigger and more comfortable to hold than a standard Joy-Con. Click any of the links below for more details (a small percentage of purchases made via these links go to help support Nintendo Times).



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