Genesis Does What Nintendon’t

Veteran gamers like myself will no doubt remember the rivalry between Sega and Nintendo in the late ’80s and throughout the ’90s. Nintendo had a stranglehold on the video game market with almost 90% market share, so Sega resorted to scrappy advertising to get noticed – and it worked. One of the most famous line of print and television ads promoted the catchphrase: “Genesis does what Nintendon’t”. After all, Sega’s new 16-bit machine packed way more power than the NES and the visuals were almost arcade quality.

Now, Sega is about to release its Sega Genesis Mini on September 19, 2019. They’ve brought back the classic ad, albeit without mentioning their once-rival Nintendo, to promote the new machine. It will come packed in with over 40 games and two controllers for a price of $79.99. We’ve included one of the classic ads and the new one for comparison:




Genesis Does. A simple phrase that threw down the gauntlet against the competition. More than just a catchy slogan that defined the strengths of the SEGA Genesis and its innovative library filled with arcade hits, those two words defined the confidence (and swagger) SEGA personified at a time when the competition was fierce.


30 years later, the SEGA Genesis remains beloved in the hearts of fans the world over. In honor of this remarkable launch, we have reimagined the classic Genesis Does commercial to bring Genesis fans back to the glory days of the 16-bit revolution. This time, however, we’re putting the focus on the powerful line-up of the SEGA Genesis Mini.


[Official Sega Genesis Mini Site]


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