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Play Dragon Quest XI S Demo On Nintendo Switch Right Now

One of the biggest Switch releases of the year and no doubt winning the award for longest game title of the year, Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of and Elusive Age – Definitive Edition, has received a free demo via the Nintendo Switch eShop today. Players can download it right now and play through the beginning section of the main game. Your save data can be transferred to the final game when it releases on September 27, 2019.

Having gone through the game on a PS4 Pro earlier this year, I came away impressed with the Switch graphics. Obviously there are concessions being made here, but thanks to the cartoon-like art style the game looks remarkably close. Assuming the occasional blurry texture and pop-in doesn’t bother you, the Switch port runs rather well.



A bunch of extras are being added to this version (hence the Definitive Edition title). One of the most exciting is the ability to play the game in retro 16-bit graphics mode. Unfortunately the demo doesn’t allow for players to toggle that feature on, but the final game will. If you’re into JRPGs this one is a fantastic choice for the Switch and should be perfect to play on the TV and on the go. I’m looking forward to the final release next month!

To download the free demo check out the coming soon section of the eShop and scroll down. Or, you can search Dragon Quest and check the box for demo and it should pop up. The demo is around 5GB, so make sure you have adequate storage.


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