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Disgaea 4 Complete+ Review

I was extremely happy to find out that once again, we would get another Disgaea title updated and released to the best portable system on the market. I like that because this series has always had a way of sucking up as many hours as the player was willing to throw at it. If you just want to put some time in and get through the main story, there is always that option. If you want to level up every single character to the max, I’m sure you can find a way to get that done. What I’m trying to say is that Disgaea games, all of them, are very much the clichéd “you get out what you put in”.



I’m going to start with how the pretty the updated graphics are in Disgaea 4 Complete+. I could be that guy that says the Switch and PS3 are pretty much the same for power. I actually don’t care. As with many games, this one benefits greatly with the Switch’s portability. You can play it anywhere and that could actually pay off in the long run for you if you really want to be a player that finishes everything and does everything, whether that means you want every weapon type or just want to level up every character. Being on the Switch gives you the opportunity to work toward those goals anywhere and any time that you won’t get yelled at for not paying attention.

The sounds are amazing as usual, I love the music and it has much of the standard fare as the other releases. I love the Prinnies and their “DOOD” comments. Turns out they are required to say that. Who knew? You did if you played this one. The voice acting is on par with all the other Disgaea games and should get you to laugh at least once if you aren’t dead inside.



Where this game really shines is with its endless gameplay. You will just have to play yourself sick of it because you will never run out of things to do. You can go as deep or as shallow as you’d like. It’s a grid-style game that has tactical battle elements. If you have read anything I have written in the past or know me personally, I know you will have heard about how much I love this style of game. It’s like chess meets Final Fantasy Tactics meets Shining Force 3 meets some Japanese animated sitcom or rom-com. Any way you want to slice it, if you enjoy Japanese RPGs at all – heck if you like tactical games at all – then you will get many, many hours of enjoyment from this one. I may have even liked it better than the Disgaea 5 because I loved the antics between all the characters.

This one is worth your time if you have never played it before, as I had not. I overlooked it at one point because I just didn’t feel like I would have the time to devote to it. Turns out, I still don’t have the necessary time to devote to it to do everything available, but that’s ok. That’s the best part is that you can just play it like you want. If you don’t like doing something, just don’t do it. Sure, if you hate buying weapons and equipping them, the game could get pretty hard, but that’s your right. This is also an excellent entry into the series because the story is separate from the others. Well, there are cameos that may not mean anything to you, and a couple didn’t for me either because I forgot or I skipped something. But that’s the beauty of it; you get out of this what you put in. So, add a number to the score if you are willing to go that extra mile and take off 2 if you hate Disgaea and JRPG games. If you fall into the latter, why did you bother reading all of this?



Disgaea 4 Complete+ Review
  • 8/10
    Graphics - 8/10
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    Sound - 9/10
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    Gameplay - 9/10
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    Lasting Appeal - 8/10

Final Thoughts: GREAT

On the Switch it just doesn’t get much better for tactical JRPGs. This is one of the best in the Disgaea series and shouldn’t be missed. In some ways I’m glad I passed it over the first time around because now I get to experience it as a brand new game on the Switch, where I can play it anywhere I like.


Jay Kittelson

Jay has been an avid gamer since the Intellivision days.  His hobbies include building PCs, 3D modeling and printing, and spending time with his children and dog.

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