Pokémon Sword & Shield Now Fastest Selling Switch Game In Japan

According to Famitsu, Pokémon Sword & Shield have sold 1,364,544 copies in its first three days on the market in Japan. This makes it the fastest selling Switch game of all time in that country, and that’s not counting digital sales through the system itself! That means even more have sold, but of course Nintendo keeps digital sales close to its chest and usually doesn’t reveal total numbers until one of is quarterly financial results meetings. Occasionally they’ll issue a press release to tout sales, so maybe we’ll hear something more official in the meantime.

On the hardware side of things the Switch managed to sell 180,136 units (of which 97,565 were Lites) in Japan last week. Compared to the prior week’s 88,772 that’s a massive increase. However, it should be noted that it didn’t quite beat out last year’s sales of 180,585, but it came very close! Year-over-year the Switch hardware is well ahead with 3,176,269 sold thus far compared to 2,210,304 last year.


[Source: ResetEra]


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