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MLB The Show Going Multiplatform

Can we just hit pause for a moment and think about how crazy it is that the Nintendo Switch has received previously exclusive Xbox One titles and now it appears it will play host to the MLB The Show series? I mean, what…is…going…on?

OK, so it appears as part of their negotiating a new deal, Sony has agreed to take MLB The Show to other systems, no longer keeping it a PlayStation exclusive. This means in all likelihood the new games in the franchise will come to the next Xbox console as well as the Nintendo Switch (or its successor). Right now it appears that 2021 is the target year for this to occur, and Nintendo responded to the news with a single tweet featuring a baseball emoji:



It will be great to have a full-fledged officially licensed baseball game on other systems once again. We’ll be interested to see how the game translates to the Switch, given the power differences that exist between PS4/PS5 and Nintendo’s machine. Hopefully the MLB The Show development team is up to the task!


Craig Majaski

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