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The Outer Worlds Gets Delayed & Retail Version Will Now Be On Cartridge

The Outer Worlds, despite only just recently receiving a release date for the Nintendo Switch, has been delayed. It was originally scheduled to release on March 6, 2020 and the retail version of the game was going to simply be a download code in a box. Many people on Twitter and other forums expressed their disappointment that game wouldn’t come on a proper cartridge – some even pointing to the fact that The Witcher 3 fit on a game card, so why not this game. Indeed, looking at the PlayStation store the game comes in at about 20.49GB – and that system requires HD textures that probably won’t be as storage hungry on the Switch.

The good news is that The Outer Worlds is now going to be released on a cartridge when it releases sometime later this year. The main delay of the game is due to the Coronavirus, which is impacting the Virtuos team working on the port. They’ve had to close their offices and it’s unclear when they’ll be able to resume working on the game. When a new release date gets announced we’ll pass it along! Let’s hope it’s not too far off in the future, but we are glad the development team is staying safe!



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