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Streets Of Rage 4 Goes Retro With Pixel Art Fighters & Classic Soundtracks

Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s brawlers were all the rage. You couldn’t walk into an arcade without seeing dozens of machines dedicated to the genre. The home console market focused on bringing those arcade hits to consoles, but one of the best original franchises came from Sega with Streets of Rage. With a rocking soundtrack, stellar graphics, and exciting moves, the series brought the joy of teaming up with a friend to kick some gangster ass.

Now Streets of Rage 4 is closing in on a release date. Although listed earlier today on the European eShop as coming out this month, we’ve been told that the date has yet to be announced, but that the game will arrive soon. Also shown off today in a new trailer are some brand new additions of classic playable characters and the original Streets of Rage 1 & 2 soundtracks! This game keeps getting better and better. It will launch on the eShop at $24.99 when it arrives. Check out the new trailer below!




Publisher and co-developer Dotemu (publisher of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, developer of Windjammers 1 and 2) with co-developers Lizardcube (Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap) and Guard Crush Games (Streets of Fury) announced today that Streets of Rage 4 will be dishing out the knockouts with unlockable classic characters and music from Streets of Rage 1 & 2 for fully nostalgic brawls. Streets of Rage 4 will be released this spring for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One for $24.99, with the release date to be confirmed. Fans on Steam can wishlist the game here: []


Dotemu released an action-packed gameplay trailer today which reveals some of Streets of Rage 4’s tributes to the original trilogy, including unlockable pixel art characters with movesets and abilities unique to their respective games; Streets of Rage’s fighters can call the cops for their special moves, while Streets of Rage 3’s characters can sprint and roll through environments. Catch Skate, Max, and all the throwback warriors making their glorious return.


These retro characters combine with Streets of Rage 4’s five hand-animated leading fighters to bring the total playable roster’s count to 17. For a full nostalgic trip, players can also switch to the series iconic original soundtrack, handing out beatdowns backed by tracks from Streets of Rage 1 and Streets of Rage 2. Taking down thugs with these timeless songs cranked up makes for an incredibly satisfying retro experience.


Streets of Rage 4 is the first entry to the mainline series in more than 25 years. The revival merges classic Streets of Rage elements with fresh directions for more combat possibilities, strikingly fluid hand-drawn art, and an inventive, distinct soundtrack led by Olivier Derivière which incorporates worldwide talent, including significant contributions from series composers Yūzō Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima.


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