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Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Is Still On Track For This Year

There are plenty of Lego games to choose from that are currently available on the Nintendo Switch. Later this year Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will finally materialize and it’s sounding like it’ll be one to watch out for. The game doesn’t have an official release date just yet, but the developers are promising hundreds of playable characters from across the nine movie series. Of course there will be plenty of familiar locations to explore and unlock new characters and vehicles. The official Star Wars site had a brief interview with TT Games, so be sure to check a portion of that below and the full deal right here. It seems like the game is a huge undertaking — you can play through all nine saga films, and every level has been built from the ground-up. Tell us about the decision to go as big as you’re going here.

Jonathan Smith: As fans, we were always going to go big! With the conclusion of the Skywalker saga in Episode IX, and 15 years since the first LEGO Star Wars, it really felt like the right time to aim as high as possible; to create a LEGO landmark.

Craig Derrick: Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to build a LEGO Star Wars game from the ground up that brings all nine films of the Skywalker saga together for the first time in one moment, would you capture it or just let it slip? We all knew early that to do this right, we had to do it well, and to respect what has come before while bringing new elements to the franchise. We needed the game to feel epic in scope and scale while bringing the player intimately closer to the action like never before. This required new technology, new game mechanics, and a passionate team of developers to create a cast of hundreds and all the familiar worlds they populate — all with the charm and humor you expect with a LEGO Star Wars game. Quite frankly, this game is massive because it had to be. I love that you can start the game at any point in the saga.

Jonathan Smith: Freedom of choice is a really important principle for us! We love stories and storytelling; but we also feel, both as gamers ourselves and with particular concern for young players driven to experimentation and change, that stories exist to be played with, however the player wants.

Craig Derrick: We all have our favorites that we want to jump straight into, while others may want to start with the new trilogy first, and yet we find most want to start at the beginning of the saga to see and play from where the story all began. There are also hundreds of playable characters. It’s pretty astonishing. Beyond the main heroes and villains, how did you pick what lesser-known characters to include? And if you’re able to say, which new character are you most excited for fans to use?

Jonathan Smith: We’re all fans; there’s no shortage of characters we’d love to play with. And you can’t ask us to pick a single favorite! It’s the fact that the whole cast is brought together, uniquely in this LEGO form — the complete collection, from Admiral Ackbar to Zorii Bliss — which makes the game so special.

Craig Derrick: There are nearly 500 characters in this game, with many of them playable. When choosing characters for a game this large, we just looked at every film in the saga and tried to say “yes” as much as possible. That said, it often comes down to storytelling and the specific role of the character in the quests and game progression. Of course, we have almost all of your favorite heroes and villains from the films, many background players, a few surprises, and…Yaddle!




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