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June 2020 NPD Video Game Sales Results


Ever since much of the country began to shut down due to Covid-19 video game sales have skyrocketed due to more people staying at home. The trend continues for June of 2020, where total video game sales came in at $1.178 billion, up from $934 million last June (+26%). The highest increase came with software sales, which contributed $570 million to the total revenue stream, up from $382 million last June (+49%). Accessories and game cards brought in another $417 million versus $322 million last year (+29%). Video game hardware sales were down from last June, coming in at $191 million versus $231 million the year prior (-17%). This is no doubt due to stock shortages as video game consoles are a very difficult thing to find at any retailer nationwide. Both Sony and Microsoft are transitioning to new hardware this holiday season and have begun manufacturing their new consoles. Little did they know that their current generation of systems would be sell-outs at a time when normally they’d be sitting idle on store shelves.

The top 20 best selling games in the U.S. for June 2020 are below, courtesy of Mat Piscatella and the NPD Group:



A few notables are that The Last of Us: Part II is now the third best-selling game of the year and it has achieved the highest launch month dollar sales of any 2020 release to date. It’s the second highest launch month dollar sales for a Sony-published game in history, with only Spider-Man beating it out in September of 2018, according to Piscatella.

Ring Fit Adventure makes a glorious return to the charts thanks to a decent sized restock. It moved from 835th place in May to 7th in June!

The other big mover is Persona 4 Golden. That’s mostly due to its release on Steam, which took it from 615th place in May to 18th place in June.

Below are more numbers to geek out over!




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