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Double Kick Heroes Review

Double Kick Heroes is a smashing mashup combining the best of rhythm-based gameplay and the classic arcade shoot ‘em up games into one truly head banging good time and it’s available now for the Nintendo Switch. It can be a risky move to combine two disparate genres, but sometimes it pays off and this is the case here!



Armed with only the power of metal and a small grade military arsenal of guns, the Double Kick Heroes cruise on the Gundillac across a zombie and gang infested apocalyptic America trying to figure out what the hell happened while rocking out as much as possible along the way. There are a few modes the player can select from the beginning with varying levels of difficulty depending on your personal preference. I usually play rhythm games either on easy or a notch above because I just like to chill, but there are plenty of options at the ready to choose from to suit your play style. Depending on which difficulty you play with, there are different guns and abilities to use to fend off the hordes of undead trailing hot on your tail.

There’s a story mode featuring 30 metal-infused levels as the band traverses the land. The characters and writing are not the greatest and I was honestly cringing a bit while reading their lines, but there were a few funny references to legendary rockers and pop culture icons which I did enjoy. If you want to skip the story entirely and just jump right into the gameplay there’s arcade mode where you select from any of the more than 30 tracks composed specifically for the game.



There are a variety of ways to choose how to rock out exclusive to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. You can play using button controls, hitting the notes at the right time, which was OK, but not super engaging. I opted to play mostly with the Joy-Cons detached for the motion controls, which actually worked fairly well. It felt a little like playing Taiko no Tatsujin with the Joy-Cons simulating drumsticks and air drumming to the beat. Like most motion control games there’s always going to be the occasional hiccup where it skips a beat, but overall it was more enjoyable to play with them then without.

Double Kick Heroes features 30 metal tracks composed by a rock music composer with all types of songs along the rock and metal musical spectrum. There’s definitely a track here for everyone, assuming that you like music, otherwise not sure why you would want to play this game.



The game boasts beautifully rendered 2D retro inspired graphics that look perfect on the Switch. The story mode would have been a bit better with some voice acting for the cutscenes, but it’s not a huge deal.

Double Kick Heroes is a smashing mix of metal, shoot ‘em arcade games, and rhythm-based motion controls which feels right at home on the Switch. The story mode and characters might not be the best written, but with 30 awesome rock songs to jam out to it’s a great party game to have on hand for you and your rock loving friends.



Double Kick Heroes Review
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    Lasting Appeal - 8/10

Final Thoughts: GREAT

With over 30 tracks to rock out to and plenty of ways to play, Double Kick Heroes is a rocking good time making full use of the Switch’s unique motion controls perfect for you and all your metal loving friends. Be sure to keep those Joy-Cons strapped to your wrists!


Tony Matthews

Tony has been gaming ever since he could walk. Pokémon Blue Version helped him learn how to read. His greatest accomplishment is not just having played the entire Kingdom Hearts series but also understanding it.

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