Warp Zone Podcast: July 1991

We’ve kept you waiting an entire month to find out what the rest of our top 50 NES games of all time are, so be sure to stick around until the latter half of the podcast to see if your favorites made our list. This is the final month of primarily NES coverage since the Super Nintendo releases in August of 1991 and we’ll blow the doors off of the system and its launch lineup then. We can’t wait!


Warp Zone July 1991


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0:00 – Introduction Music

0:46  – Press Start


1:18 – Introduction

1:38 – Frankenstein

6:19 – High Speed

9:13 – KlashBall

11:31 – The Little Mermaid

16:04 – Over Horizon

21:09 – Sonic The Hedgehog (Genesis)


29:01 – Sea of Coral by Capcom – The Little Mermaid OST


29:35 – Embattled Galoob Toys Wins Infringement Suit | LA Times

32:24 – Nintendo Wins At Settlement Game | LA Times | July 26, 1991

40:33 – Nintendo Power | July 1991

56:57 – EGM | July 1991

1:13:16 – GamePro | July 1991


1:21:00 – Stage 1 by Hot-B – Over Horizon OST


1:21:47 – Top 50 NES Games (Part 2)


2:37:27 – Thanks for Listening!

2:39:15 – Credits by Sega – Sonic The Hedgehog OST

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