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Fact File

Platform: NES

Release: March 1990

Genre: Strategy/RPG

Developer: Vic Tokai Corporation

Publisher: Vic Tokai

Players: 2 Alternating

January 1990 Computer Entertainer

January 1990 Computer Entertainer

1990 Winter CES coverage. Plus reviews of: Willow, Silent Service, Clash at Demonhead, and Robocop!

Warp Zone Podcast: March 1990

Warp Zone Podcast: March 1990

We cover Abadox, Lolo 2, Al Unser Jr. Racing, Astyanax, Baseball Simulator 1.000, Burai Fighter, Code Name: Viper, Conflict, Heavy Barrel, Jack Nicklaus, Kid Kool, Magic Johnson, Target: Renegade, Terra Cresta, Vegas Dream, Wheel of Fortune: Family, Win, Lose or Draw, and a ton more.