MTV’s Remote Control (NES) Game Hub




MTV's Remote Control Game Hub




Fact File

Platform: NES

Release: May 1990

Genre: Family/Party

Developer: RSP

Publisher: Hi-Tech Expressions

Players: 2 Simultaneous

January 1990 Computer Entertainer

January 1990 Computer Entertainer

1990 Winter CES coverage. Plus reviews of: Willow, Silent Service, Clash at Demonhead, and Robocop!

MTV's Remote Control Review

MTV’s Remote Control Review

Although it offers up some much needed humor in an entertaining pop culture quiz show format, the execution leaves much to be desired.

Warp Zone Podcast: May 1990

Warp Zone Podcast: May 1990

A few stellar titles like Final Fantasy and Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos make May of 1990 a glorious one for NES owners. Plus: ’80s TV Music Trivia, Nintendo Power, EGM, GamePro, VG&CE & more!