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Micro SD Cards

Given that the Nintendo Switch only has 32GB of internal memory, chances are many owners will want to expand that as quickly as possible. This is even more important with the Switch since the majority of games are released digitally, eating up that precious storage space. Luckily Nintendo has chosen a standardized memory expansion option with micro SD Cards. Of course, choosing the right size will come down to personal preference and price.

We personally suggest at least 128GB to get the most bang for your buck and to avoid running out of space too quickly. This can vary depending on how much digital content you think you or your loved ones will download, but it’s better to be prepared. The best value is the 200GB card, which Amazon regularly sells for between $70 - $80.

Best Value! Personally Own!

Joy-Con Controllers

The Nintendo Switch comes with two Joy-Con controllers, which means that in many games two people can partake in the gaming goodness. However, many games support more than just two players, with many allowing four or more. That means you might need to pick up another set of Joy-Con controllers right away. It’s cheaper to buy them in bundles of two ($79.99) versus separately ($99.99 total), so definitely go with the double pack. Keep in mind that they come with the wrist straps, so don’t be conned into buying extra straps. Now it comes down to colors!

Neon Red / Neon Blue Bundle

If you took our advice and bought the Neon Nintendo Switch, then this is the best pack of Joy-Con controllers to go alongside it. Why? Well, Nintendo was smart enough to reverse the colors in this pack. That means you can mix and match the left and right Joy-Con controllers to customize your Switch in all red, all blue, or one of each. It gives you the most options.

Neon Red or Neon Blue Double Pack

If you bought the standard gray Switch, then either of these double-packs will add some much-needed color to your life. You can’t go wrong with either of them, but we are slightly partial to the Neon Blue. Then again those Neon Red look pretty great. We'll just collect them all!

Gray & Neon Yellow Double Packs

Here are two more color options. If you don’t like standing out with your electronics, then the set of Gray Joy-Cons will be your jam. They are the least in demand so they’re the most likely to find at slightly reduced prices if you get lucky. If you really want people to see you coming a mile away, then the Neon Yellow set will be for you! We own all of the colors, but we must say that mixing a Neon Yellow with the Neon Blue or Neon Red really makes for a striking combination.

Joy-Con Charging Grip

Your Nintendo Switch console comes with a Joy-Con Grip, which allows you to place the left and right Joy-Cons in a plastic shell to create one standard controller. However, if you’re going to purchase an extra set of Joy-Con controllers, you may want to invest in another shell so you can create another complete controller. Keep in mind this isn’t essential, especially since you can just hold a Joy-Con in each hand and play without the shell, but some will prefer to have the standard controller feel.

If you’re going to spend the money on another Grip, we recommend going with the official Joy-Con Charging Grip. This one comes packed with a USB-C charging cable, which connects to the Switch Dock to charge your Joy-Con controllers. If you have a total of four Joy-Con controllers, this will allow you to charge all of them by placing two on the Switch itself to charge and the other two on the charging grip. That way you’ll always have a full charge when it’s game time!

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Given that the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid system, you’ll be able to play games on the go or at home on the TV. Depending on what type of gamer you are, you may play more one way or the other. So far this year I probably play about 80% on the TV and am a huge console gamer so I saw the need for the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

Switch Pro Controller

It features a bigger form factor with larger analog sticks and buttons. It feels tremendously great in my hands, and in fact everyone here at Nintendo Times and our friends agree that it’s one of the best controllers out there. It comes built in with a ton of technology. HD Rumble, NFC for amiibo, and gyroscopes for motion control help make it fully compatible with most games.

On the surface the $69.99 price tag seems high, and for some it will truly be a barrier to entry. However, when you consider that Xbox One controllers regularly cost $59.99 for the basic black and up to $69.99 for the special colors, the Pro Controller actually seems like a good deal by comparison. That’s because it has all of the features mentioned above, plus it has an internal battery that lasts about 40 hours per charge and it comes with lengthy USB-C charging cable to boot. If you’re going to play hardcore games that require both analog sticks for lengthy periods on the TV, we highly recommend picking up a Pro Controller.

Nintendo Switch Carrying Case

There are a ton of different carrying cases out there. Each person will have specific needs when it comes to picking the right one. For us it came down to portability, utility, and protection at a reasonable price. That’s why our absolute favorite Nintendo Switch carrying case is the Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case by RDS Industries.

Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case

This is a sleek black carrying case that fits the entire Switch (with Joy-Cons attached) in the lower part of the case. Below the Switch are small compartments that hold two tiny Switch Game Card cases so you can store up to 8 games at once. A small pouch flips down to rest on top of the Switch screen (don’t worry it has a nice soft back to not scratch the screen). This zip pouch can hold a variety of small items.

We usually place the wrist straps and ear buds in here. In a pinch you are able to fit two more Joy-Con controllers in the very top, but they’re loose and you have to be careful when opening the case back up or they’ll spill out onto the ground. The rubber Switch zipper and Switch logo on the case really seal the deal to make this case look spectacular. The small handle makes it simple to grab and go.

Miscellaneous Switch Add-Ons

The list of Nintendo Switch accessories goes on and on, but it's really up to the individual user as to which ones are absolutely necessary. Some gamers will prefer to have a screen protector on their system to avoid accidental scratching. Others will find some good use with a charge station for their Joy-Con controllers. And nearly everyone would be thrilled to receive some eShop cash to spend on digital games.

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