$1 – Personal Shout Out

You will get a personal shout out from the Nintendo Times Radio hosts on an upcoming episode. You’ll be recognized as one of the people responsible for keeping our show running!


$2 – Live Nintendo Times Radio Podcast Access!

No more waiting three extra days to listen to our bi-weekly podcast! You will be able to join our special Discord channel where you can listen into our live recording! You can also type in questions and comments into the chat. Who knows? Maybe you’ll have a direct impact on the course of our conversation!


$3 – Nintendo Times Radio Q&A

Do you want to have your questions answered by the hosts of Nintendo Times Radio? This perk will grant you access to our special Q&A Discord channel where you can ask us a question. Simply record your voice via any microphone on your device and then upload the audio file to the channel. We’ll choose one question to answer on the podcast and your voice will be immortalized on the show forever! We don’t have any hard limits set, so it’s quite possible you could appear on more than one episode! If you’re too shy, no worries, we can also read and answer your question on the episode instead.


$4 – Nintendo Times Warp Zone Section

One of our most popular sections on the Nintendo Times site is Warp Zone. We post articles, reviews, and news from 30 years ago. We’re continuously doing research and trying to find print ads, articles, and screens from games you remember growing up. We have a special section on the site called Game Hubs. The NES games are updated every month to include the titles that released 30 years ago. We are continuously adding images, documents, and scan for each game as they released in real time three decades ago. For example, take a game like The Legend of Zelda. We have over 30 posts and 90 images (articles/scans/screens/maps/tips/codes) all in one place just for that game alone. And it’s still growing! If you’re a retro Nintendo gamer, this is a fantastic resource that’s continuously expanding.


$5 – Warp Zone Podcast Unfiltered Game Impressions/1 Week Early Access

Each month we record an episode of the Warp Zone podcast, which focuses on the World of Nintendo 30 years ago. Although we have a wide knowledge of Nintendo games and first-hand memories of playing them back in the day, to prepare for the episode we make it a priority to play as many as possible so we have a fresh take. Since it was nearly impossible for each of us to play every single title, many of them are first time encounters and we don’t hold back our criticisms! Up until now we haven’t recorded any of our initial impressions and reactions, but that is now changing and they’re exclusive to our Patreon supporters! Each month you’ll get a special audio feed that doesn’t make it into the podcast and we don’t hold back!

But that’s not all! Supporters will also get access to the Warp Zone podcast one week early!