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Fact File

Platform: NES

Release: June 1990

Genre: Action

Developer: Graftgold

Publisher: Mindscape

Players: 2 Alternating

Warp Zone Podcast: June 1990

Warp Zone Podcast: June 1990

NES commercials, plus: Rescue Rangers, Cabal, Rad Racer 2, Dragon Spirit, The Mafat Conspiracy, Silkworm, Wall Street Kid, Starship Hector, Arkista’s Ring, Boulder Dash, Bad News Baseball, Adventures in the Magic Kingdom, Captain Skyhawk, Castle of Dragon, Heavy Shreddin’, The Last Starfighter, Jeopardy 25th, Mechanized Attack, Michael Andretti, Pinball Quest, Puss ‘N Boots, Shinen The Ruler, Solstice & more!