The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Materials

Zelda games have always had plenty of items to collect, but never before have there been so many new materials to discover across the vast land of Hyrule. In Breath of the Wild, players will need to forage and stockpile materials in order to survive. Some of these materials are consumable and will refill a small amount of hearts. Many of these items can be cooked together over a flame to create more elaborate food dishes that will yield more energy and even special attributes.

Unlike prior games, Rupees aren't found simply by cutting grass and throwing pots. Although a couple of media outlets did come across a Rupee in the wild, for the most part the E3 demo didn't have any of the Hylian currency. Some of the materials you collect will be able to be sold for Rupees, such as minerals like Sapphires and Rubies. Of course, with an elaborate crafting system in place, it might be better to hold onto these valuable minerals to augment your favorite items.

Remember, we've only seen about 2% of the game, so the materials listed below are only a small sample of what the full game will contain. Despite pouring over hours and hours of footage, it's very possible we missed some. If you notice any missing, please let us know what's missing and where the footage is so we can grab a screenshot.


1/4 Heart Refill

Often found on the ground near trees. Squirrels adore this nut, so you may have competition while foraging. Add one to a meal for a nutty seasoning.


A fossilized resin with a caramelesque sheen to it. It’s usually traded for Rupees but can also be used in accessories.

Ancient Gear

A gear used in ancient machinery. Despite being incredibly old, its build quality is leaps and bounds above anything built using current technology.

Ancient Screw

A screw used in ancient machinery. It’s made of an unknown material, and no matter how many times it’s turned, its threads never seem to show sign of wear.

Ancient Shaft

A machine part used in ancient machinery. It’s incredibly sturdy, and it’s not made of any recognizable material. It may come in handy someday.

Ancient Spring

A spring used in ancient machinery. It is light and buoyant enough to float on water, and no matter how many times it’s compressed, it never loses tension.


1/2 Heart Refill

A common fruit found on trees all around Hyrule. Eat it fresh, or cook it to increase its effect.

Bird Meat

1 Heart Refill

This meat is tougher and chewier than a standard Steak. Tastes better cooked.

Blue Nightshade

A plant that grows in quieter area of Hyrule. At night, it gives off a soft glow. Cook with it to increase your stealth.

Bokoblin Fang

A sharp tooth obtained from a Bokoblin. You can sell it, but it also has other uses.

Bokoblin Horn

A severed horn of a Bokoblin, a creature often encountered in the plains of Hyrule. The horn isn’t edible, but you can cook it with an insect to make something useful.

Bokoblin Liver

A rare material obtained by defeating a Bokoblin. It convulses on its own every now and then, which is really creepy, but perhaps it has a use.

Chuchu Jelly

A gelatinous substance that came from a Chuchu. It’s unusable in this state, but applying a bit of electric current may change its form.

Courser Bee Honey

2 Hearts Refill

Sweet honey chock-full of nutrients! Rather than eating it raw, try cooking with it to unlock its stamina-restoring effects.

Endura Shroom

1 Heart Refill

A rare yellowish-orange mushroom. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your stamina limit.


A portable bundle of firewood. You can use this to make fire…as long as you have something to light it.


Strike it with a metallic weapon to generate a spark. This portable fire starter breaks after one use, but it can create a long-lasting flame if you use it near firewood.

Hearty Radish

2 1/2 Hearts Refill

A rare radish that grow best in sunny plains. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your maximum hearts.

Hearty Truffle

2 Hearts Refill

This rare mushroom has a rich scent. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your maximum hearts.

Hightail Lizard

A lizard that darts off quickly when it senses danger. Cook it alongside monster parts to increase your movement speed.

Hot-Footed Frog

An energetic frog that can be found hopping around near water. Cook it with monster parts to draw out its speed-boost effect.

Hylian Shroom

1/2 Heart Refill

A common mushroom found near trees around Hyrule. Eat it to restore half a heart.

Hyrule Bass

1 Heart Refill

An ordinary fish that can be found all over Hyrule. Can be eaten raw, but its healing effects are amplified when cooked.

Hyrule Herb

This healthy herb grows abundantly in the plains of Hyrule. Cook it before eating to increase the number of hearts it restores.

Ice Keese Wing

A rare Ice Keese Wing. Its frozen surface gleams attractively, but its usefulness isn’t readily apparent.

Keese Eyeball

A rare material dropped by a defeated Keese. It’s fun to look at, but it doesn’t seem to have much use. Maybe a collector would be interested in it…

Keese Wing

The wing of a Keese. It’s covered with very short, sharp fur. It’s not much use by itself, but you can mix it with insects to make something useful.

Korok Seed

This small seed was given to you by a Korok. It has a distinct smell. If you gather a bunch of them, you never know what may happen…


A valuable ore that’s often inlaid with an intricate spiral pattern. Opal is usually traded for Rupees but can also be used in accessories.

Prime Steak

1 1/2 Hearts Refill

A fresh, high-quality piece of animal meat. This stuff isn’t easy to come by, so savor it. Cook it to recover more hearts.

Restless Cricket

A very energetic cricket. Cook it with monster parts to create a stamina-boosting elixir.

Rock Salt

Crystalized salt from the ancient sea commonly used to season meals. Cannot be eaten in this form.


A valuable mineral mined from large stones in Hyrule. Rubies hold the power of fire within them. Can be sold for a very high price.


1/2 Heart Refill

A mushroom that can grow almost anywhere but prefers ceilings and sheer cliffs. Cook it before eating to temporarily increase your movement speed.


A valuable blue gem mined from natural rock formations. Sapphires are said to contain the essence of ice within them. Sells for a very high price.

Silent Shroom

1/2 Heart Refill

A strange mushroom that glows quietly in the forest at night. Cook it before eating to temporarily gain increased stealth.

Sizzlewing Butterfly

A butterfly found in the woods and plains of warm regions. Its wings absorb the warmth of the sun. Cook it with monster parts to create an elixir that makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

Spicy Pepper

1/2 Heart Refill

This pepper is exploding with spice. Cook with it to create dishes that will raise your body temperature and help you withstand the cold.

Stamella Shroom

1 Heart Refill

A green mushroom that grows near trees in the forest. It’s chock-full of natural energy. Cook it to release its stamina-restoration properties.


1 Heart Refill

Meat obtained from animals in plains and forests. You can eat it raw, but cooking it will make it more delicious and nutritious.

Sunset Firefly

During the day, these fireflies stay unlit and hidden in the shade. Cook them with monster parts for an increased-stealth effect.


This rare yellow gem is said to contain electrical powers and can be sold for a high price.

White Chuchu Jelly

A jiggly substance that came from a White Chuchu. It’s cool to the touch, and squeezing it seems to relieve stress. If struck, it will explode in a cold mist.