The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Shields

Shields have been in all previous Zelda games, and it's not different here. Nintendo didn't dive too much into the various shields during its E3 demos, but we did learn a few things. Link will be able to take enemies' shields and use them for himself. In fact, early on in the demo Link killed some Bokoblins and stole a shield from one of the beasts. Unfortunately these shields are made out of wood and can be burned. Plus, they aren't all that durable so a few direct hits could shatter it.

A metal shield, such as the Traveler's Shield seen in some gameplay demos at E3, will serve much better. Although we saw a few attendees wielding this item, we never saw a pop-up box showing off its picture and stats. If you come across this information, be sure to let us know!

Boko Shield

Protection: 3

A shoddy shield made of tree bark. It’s not very durable, but it serves its purpose.

Pot Lid

Protection: 1

The lid of a large soup pot. It smells vaguely of chicken broth… Yum! It can take quite a beating before breaking.

Spiked Boko Shield

Protection: 10

A Boko Shield made of slightly stronger wood. It’s been reinforced with animal bones.