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Fact File

Platform: NES

Release: July 1989

Genre: Action

Developer: Seta

Publisher: American Sammy

Players: 2 Simultaneous

August 1989 Computer Entertainer

August 1989 Computer Entertainer

First Sega Genesis reviews are here, plus: Hydlide, Ultima, Defender of the Crown, TMNT, Super Sprint, Thundercade, Tom Sawyer, Bad Dudes, Strider & Baseball Stars.

Warp Zone Podcast: July 1989

Warp Zone Podcast: July 1989

Bad Dudes, Baseball Stars, Cobra Triangle, Defender of the Crown, Strider, Super Sprint, and Thundercade are covered, plus all of the gaming print media from July of 1989. Don’t miss out on our “Movies to Games Sound Selection Trivia”!